Experience Mevea Digital Twins at Bauma

April 8-14, 2019

Munich, Germany

Find us at stand ICM.309

In this year’s Bauma we will show you real-life examples of how our Digital Twin methodology can be used to accelerate the design of electric drivelines and autonomously operating machines.

We are also happy to have a conversation about the benefits that Digital Twins can deliver in other parts of the product lifecycle, such as operations and training, and you are more than welcome to experience Mevea’s Digital Twin technology on our simulator.

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How can physics-based Digital Twins help accelerate the development of intelligent, fuel-efficient and connected machines?

Produce enough data to develop autonomous machines

The physics-based Digital Twin can tirelessly run operating scenarios, providing accurate, real-time data to train your algorithms. Putting the Digital Twin at the center of your R&D process can help accelerates the development of assistance- and safety systems or subtask automation for you next generation Construction Equipment.

Design all the necessary technology changes required to electrify your machine

The physics-based Digital Twin enables life-like virtual prototyping and allows you to dimension and test various hybridization concepts in real-time. This means that you can iterate the driveline to a much further state before physical prototypes need to be developed.

Analyze sensory data for predictive maintenance and optimization of operational efficiency

By implementing a Digital Twin in the cloud or on-board with a machine, a comparison can be made between real-life product data and Digital Twin generated data. This approach allows calculated data to be used as an input to aid and evaluate operator inputs, creating a machine-in-the-loop approach.

The Digital Twin at the center of R&D

Accelerating intelligent machine development in the construction machinery industry

In this ebook we will explain the workings of a physics-based Digital Twin and how it enables

  • early customer involvement,
  • life-like virtual prototyping, and
  • interdisciplinary product development.

Download this ebook to learn how to shorten development lead-times and accelerate intelligent machine development, electrification and IIoT with the help of Digital Twins.

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Mevea around the fairground

We’re extremely proud that we share the stage with five of our customers at Bauma this year.

You can experience the Power of Digital Twins applied to real-life customer use cases with Ammann, Hydroline, Junttan, Mantsinen and Normet.

Experience Mevea Digital Twins all around Bauma. (click to enlarge)