Almost 200 people participated in the annual Mevea Seminar

Mevea Seminar Digital Twin has landed

MEVEA SEMINAR 2017 – The Digital Twin Has Landed

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Almost 200 people from 9 countries representing over 85 companies were participating the annual Mevea Seminar which was organized on October 4th at the Finnish Science Centre Heureka in Vantaa, Finland.

In the seminar opening presentation, Mevea envisioned some key trends driving the machine development in the future and introduced the Digital Twin concept – a physics-based, virtual twin of a product, able to simulate in real-time its behaviour and use during the whole product lifecycle. Digital Twin concept has been well received by the customers and according to the seminar participant survey, 67% of the people responded, expect it to take place during the next 3 years.

Following the seminar opening, Peter A. Bilello, President, CIMdata Inc. presented the importance and latest developments of Digital Twin concept. Customer presentations from Raute Oyj (FI), Rottne Industri AB (SE), Hydroline Oy (FI) and Ammann Group (CH) highlighted the use of Digital Twin concept in various stages of product lifecycle. Exciting future technologies and visions were presented by Colonel Olli Klemola, Research Director, Finnish Defence Research Agency.

Digital Twin hands-on experience
Digital Twin hands-on experience

The seminar guests also had a chance to get familiar with the Digital Twin solutions first-hand. The seminar exhibition comprised altogether nine simulators from customers, partners, and Mevea. The demonstrations tied the event together concretely showing how the Digital Twin can be applied to practice.