Mevea Online Seminar 2022:
Learn the Concrete Benefits of Physics-Based Digital Twin in Development and Testing of Intelligent Machines

Welcome to the 9th annual Mevea Online Seminar 2022, which will be organized as a virtual event.

Traditional product development and testing approaches do not enable a swift, efficient, and reliable design process. Instead, fresh and innovative approaches are needed to enable the development of new solutions for machine intelligence and to improve testing capabilities.

In this free online seminar you´ll learn the concrete benefits of using
Mevea´s physics based Digital Twin in intelligent machine development and testing.

What better way to learn than to watch world-class experts from Liebherr, Sandvik, Ops Factor and OAMK presenting what they have done in practise and what significant benefits they have achieved with Mevea solutions!


  • Title: Learn the concrete benefits of physics-based Digital Twin in development and testing of intelligent machines
  • Date: Wednesday, October 19, 2022
  • Time: 10:00 AM (Helsinki/UTC +3) (Paris 9:00, New Delhi 12:30, Beijing 15:00, Tokyo 16:00).
  • Duration: 2 h, 15 min.

Speakers and the Agenda

  • 10:00 Opening
  • 10:15 Dr Manuel Boes, Liebherr: Validation of smart machine features through automated scenario simulation
  • 10:40 Ville Pärssinen, Sandvik: Digital Twin in welded structure fatigue life estimation
  • 11:05 Petri Junttila, OAMK: Virtual and physical worlds connected in full scale dynamometer testing
  • 11:30 Ilse Houting, Ops Factor: The challenges and solutions when moving operator from cabin to remote operation
  • 11:55 Mevea Solutions Overview
  • 12:15 Closing

There will be a short Q/A after each presentation.

During This Online Seminar You´ll Learn

  • How to integrate a physics-based Digital Twin into your development and testing processes.
  • How to combine physical and digital worlds in product development.
  • Challenges and solutions when moving operator from cabin to remote operation.