Mevea at TOC Europe 2019

Mevea Next-Generation Port Crane Simulators at TCO Europe
Advanced, 5-screen simulator setup

Last week we were at TOC Europe in Rotterdam showcasing Mevea Next-Generation Port Crane Simulators. Powered by Mevea Digital Twin technology, the simulators are built around the concepts of connectivity, accuracy and immersion to provide the highest level of training for crane operators.

Both the advanced 5-screen and mobile simulator setups were available for the visitors to try out, and both sparked great interest among the audience. As the simulators are connected to the real control system, the operator gets exactly the same feel as they would on operating a real crane.

Mevea Mobile Simulator setup

With the ability to transfer the powerful physics-based simulation from the completely immersive advanced simulator to the more flexible mobile solution, operator training can be easily scaled and conducted even on-site.

Thanks for everyone who visited! Hopefully, you enjoyed the event as much as we did. If you want to learn more about Mevea Next-Generation Port Crane Simulators, download our latest ebook here.