Nuve-Lab and Mevea to Cooperate in the Development of Autonomous and Sustainable vehicles

Oulu University of Applied Sciences’ new research and development environment for working machines, NUVE-LAB, was inaugurated at the opening ceremony at the Linnanmaa campus on 12 October 2022. Around 40 representatives of companies and partners visited the brand-new premises and equipment on site.

In the research and development environment focused on the green transition of machine technology, it is possible to tailor research and testing services suitable for the needs of companies in the field.

The head of development, Jukka Säkkinen (center), from Oulu University of Applied Sciences, explains the operation of the dynamometers.

At the demonstration points built in the laboratory, there was an opportunity to explore, among other things, the modeling done with Mevea’s Digital Twins, the various components of the whole setup and the dynamometer, which loads the device under test to verify its operation.

The research environment represents the cutting edge of the field and upgrades OAMK´s opportunities to a whole new level in developing the latest technical solutions for heavy machinery. Thanks to this significant investment, OAMK is ready to take part in even more demanding research and development projects in cooperation with companies and other research institutes.

Mevea´s Senior Technical Advisor Asko Rouvinen speaking at the event.

One of Nuve-Lab’s partners is Mevea Ltd. of which physics-based Digital Twins can be utilized in Nuve-Lab. At the event, Mevea’s senior technical adviser Asko Rouvinen introduced the use of mechanism dynamics simulation in the development of mobile work machines.

“Combining virtual and physical testing enables the testing of machine software and new structural and energy solutions in controlled, and above all, repeatable conditions”, says Mr. Rouvinen.

The event´s opening speech was given by the principal of Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Heidi Fagerholm. In turn, the head of development Jukka Säkkinen from Oulu University of Applied Sciences presented the background and future plans of the research environment. In addition, Harri Kervinen, director of Proventia Test Solutions Oy, spoke about the present and the future of the development of vehicle technology.

Nuve-Lab environment.

Read more about the NUVE-LAB from the website of Oulu University of Applied Sciences.