Port Equipment Operator Training With Highly Realistic and Customised Training Simulators

Over the past few years, due to the industry’s growing awareness of the vast opportunities provided by training simulators, we have seen an influx of simulator solutions in the market. The advantages provided by the adoption of simulator technology include increased productivity and efficiency, reduced operation costs, but most importantly, improved port safety.

However, the generic solutions have limitations. Realism and customisability are the key.

Join us to learn more.

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  • 10:00 Welcome & Mevea Port Training Simulator Solution Overview
  • 10:10 Customisable and Realistic Virtual Equipment and Port Environments
  • 10:20 Training capabilities and Exercises | Remote Training Solutions
  • 10:35 Simulator Hardware Options | Delivery and Customer Support
  • 10:45 Why Mevea Training Simulator?
  • 10:55 News
  • 11:00 Closing

What’s in it for you?

On December 9, we will discuss in detail a variety of topics relating to Mevea’s solution, providing you with an overview of the current capabilities of our highly realistic and customisable training simulators.

Our very own simulator experts will delve further into the details of Mevea’s virtual equipment and port environments, as well as training capabilities and exercises. Moreover, we will place the spotlight on our new remote training capabilities and currently available simulator hardware options.

If you are interested to learn more about Mevea’s complete solution including delivery and customer support, this is the perfect opportunity to jump aboard for an informative one-hour session. We will also explain in-depth why Mevea Training Simulator is the solution you need. Oh, and we have some interesting customer news as well.

If you are curious to learn more, register today and save your seat.

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