Mevea Next-Generation Port Training Simulators

Mevea is a simulation technology company enabling physics-based Digital Twins of mobile machinery that can analyse and predict the behaviour of their real-life counterparts. By applying the laws of physics to the Digital Twin domain, Mevea’s software and services produce life-like simulations of machines, environment and work process that catalyse pivotal innovations such as autonomous work cycles and predictive maintenance.

Next-Generation Port Training Simulators

Mevea Port Crane Simulators are more than a standalone representation of a crane. Building upon the elements of connectivity, accuracy and immersion, Mevea can create a Digital Twin of your exact machine, work process and environment.

To reach the highest level of digital realism, your exact port environment can be mapped using drones and converted to 3D with photogrammetry technology ensuring stack layouts, crane/ship positioning and port landmarks are accurately depicted in the simulation. The realism of the Digital Twin allows you to train operators on the processes, tasks and emergency situations and transfer the skills and knowledge necessary to perform in real-life.

Crane Control System Integration

Mevea’s Next-Generation Port Training Simulator Platform is fully integrated with four of the leading crane control system providers, which means that real-life sensor feedback and intelligent assistance functions, such as collision detection, can be trained just like on the real crane.

The integration with the real control systems also enables the training of full work cycles, as layout and feedback of the crane controls are exactly the same as in real-life operation.

Multiphysics Simulation of Machine, Load, and Environment

Mevea’s Crane Simulator Platform is based on our market-leading physics engine that simulates the real-life behaviour of the crane, environment and rope system dynamics with a proven high degree of realism. This ensures an accurate representation of the work environment and precise feedback to the operator, which all contribute to a positive learning experience.

Industrial Grade Visualization

Mevea’s Crane Simulator Platform incorporates the latest visualization technologies to ensure that the full range of operation modes can be trained in an environment that is as close to real-life as currently possible.

Mevea’s visualization is based on Unity 3D, the world’s most extensible and widely used real-time development platform. This ensures access to the largest library of graphical resources as well as state-of-the-art Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality interfaces.

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