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Tailored simulator hardware to support advanced simulations

To support our advanced simulations, we offer simulator hardware for more realistic virtual machine experience. The hardware options range from PC/Desktop solutions to Cabin simulators.

Our hardware include:

  • PC/Desktop Solution
  • Arm Chair Solution (ACS)
  • Mevea Cabin

Special solutions include:

  • Customer Cabin fitted for simulator use
  • Front-projected spherical screens
  • Projection Dome screens

In addition to the above-mentioned simulator hardware, we offer motion platforms to generate realistic movements for the person operating the virtual machine. The ACS simulator can be equipped with a 2DOF (degrees of freedom) motion platform. The Cabin simulator has three motion platform options: 2, 3, and 6DOF.

Mevea simulator cabin
Mevea simulator cabin
Mevea simulator platform with 2 screens
Mevea simulator platform with 2 screens

Arm Chair Solution

The Mevea Arm Chair Solution (ACS) is a great simulator hardware suitable for a variety of virtual machines. It can be equipped with up to three vertically positioned front screens and a 2DOF motion platform.

The ACS is a mobile solution with forklift/pallet jack pockets for quick and easy transportation. The computer(s) and machine control system components are installed in the frame and can be reached by opening the front/rear hood.

Customer-specific seat, controls and panels can be installed in the simulator to provide an authentic operating experience.

Mevea simulator cabin
Mevea simulator cabin

Mevea Cabin

The Mevea Cabin hardware is designed together with a cabin manufacturer. It will both fit the requirements of simulation use and meet the standards of authentic machine environment and high quality. With a 2DOF motion platform and support plate, it is designed to fit into a high cube container for easy transportation.

The Mevea Cabin can be adjusted for different machine types by selecting the required view directions. The computation power and number of computers will be tailored to the customer’s needs.

The hardware can be equipped with a total of seven 60” screens (2 in front, left, right, top, bottom and rear view), surround sound, ventilation/air conditioning and three different motion platforms:

  • 2DOF
  • 3DOF 1000E
  • 6DOF 1200E
Front projected screen with 3 projectors
Front projected screen with 3 projectors

Special Solutions

Customer Cabin

A Mevea simulator can also be built in the customer’s real machine cabin, so that the screens are fitted onto the cabin windows. Please contact us for more information about this solution.

Front-Projected Spherical screen (FPS)

In cooperation with our partner, we offer a spherical simulator visualisation setup which has a 180° horizontal field of view generated with three projectors. This solution is ideal for operations where a wide field of view is required, e.g. construction machine simulators.

Projection Dome screen

The high-end solution for simulator visualisation and realistic experience is the Dome where the horizontal field of view is 230° and vertical 60°. This solution is an excellent choice for all crane solutions where the operator needs to have the widest field of view possible.

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