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Mevea software

Mevea Software for simulation
Mevea Software for simulation

Software for Real-Time Simulation

The Mevea Simulation software for product development is based on Mevea’s real-time simulation engine, and with the modelling tools it provides a unique opportunity to model and test new solutions already on a concept level.

  • Mevea Modeller: Tool to create and edit virtual machine models and environments including
    • Mechanics
    • Hydraulics
    • Power train
  • Mevea I/O Toolbox: Software to connect your external systems to the simulation, e.g.
    • Machine control and automation systems
    • Simulink® simulation models
    • Motion platform and other hardware
  • Mevea Solver: Software to run the real-time simulation and view the results of user-selected parameters. An animation can be recorded for later research
Mevea Software for student management
Mevea Software for student management

Software for Student Management and Training Exercise Definition in Simulator

  • Training Manager: Software to manage students, courses and reporting
    • Student/group progress display
    • Language/metrics selection
    • Learning path creation
    • Scenario information
    • Offline reporting
    • Playback of scenarios
    • Search trainee data and print reports
    • Add/delete users/groups/instructors/companies
  • Task Editor: Software to edit existing and add new training scenarios to the simulator
    • Weather conditions
    • Scenario work process
    • Measurable data points to scenario
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