Digital Twin and AI: Roadmap to Autonomous Machines

Guest speaker – Ville Hulkko, Silo.AI

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The time of Artificial Intelligence is now

Autonomous machine operations supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI) are rapidly gaining traction and thousands of companies are starting AI projects to accelerate product development and increase operational efficiencies. According to Monster.com, the three most sought-out skills in the job markets right now are machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing. The rise of AI is an opportunity for all industries – even more so when combined with Digital Twin technology, for example, to generate or augment training data.

Where is your company at when it comes to AI? Attend this free webinar to gain a further understanding of Artificial Intelligence, its possibilities and limitations, and how Digital Twins are enabling its development in the manufacturing industry.

Be among the pioneers and take the first step towards reimagining your business.

What’s in store for this webinar?

For this webinar, we invited a special guest: Ville Hulkko from Silo.AI, the largest private AI lab in the Nordics. He joins us to introduce the technology from the perspective of a true expert. Ville was one of the speakers at the annual Mevea Seminar and his session on “Combining Digital Twins & AI to unlock automation in heavy machinery” was the highest rated presentation by the 200+ attendees. This time around we delve deeper into the AI subject matter when we discuss the fundamentals of combining AI & Digital Twins to develop the next generation of industrial products, so there will be plenty of new information for everyone.

After watching this webinar, you’ll understand

  • what the different AI approaches are;
  • what new opportunities can be generated by combining AI and Digital Twins;
  • how you can start AI-centered projects yourself;
  • how Digital Twin generated data and simulations can accelerate AI implementation;
  • how to shift your mindset towards AI-enabled business and product design.

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Why should you attend?

The advent of AI does not mean that we will be replaced altogether as the greatest benefits from AI can be reaped when humans and machines work together. Its emergence, however, is inevitable, and it is up to each company to decide how and when to integrate AI into their product lifecycle.

Learning about the advantages of AI and Digital Twins early gives you a head-start towards achieving this and helps you designing more intelligent and efficient machines.

Be among the pioneers and take the first step towards reimagining your business.