Digital Twins in Hydrogen-Powered Heavy Equipment Development

Guest speaker – Dariusz Pioro, Pioro Engineering

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Alternative fuels and power sources are gaining interest among heavy equipment manufacturers. Research progresses to reduce CO2 emissions while maintaining high performance standards, hydrogen fuel cells being one solution.

In this episode of Mevea Tech Talk, you will find answers to the above questions and learn how to use Mevea’s real-time physics-based Digital Twin with operator and control system in-the-loop.

Watch this episode of Mevea Tech Talk to understand how you can benefit from Mevea’s realistic work-cycle simulation with your existing machine and powertrain detailed simulation models developed in 3rd party tools e.g. Simcenter Amesim or MathWorks Simulink®/Simscape™.

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Mevea Tech Talk: Episode #1 - Fuel Cells, featuring Dariusz Pioro.

Why should you attend?

In this one-hour webinar, we’ll be joined by Dariusz Pioro, an independent consultant with over a decade of experience in Model Based Systems Engineering. He has developed simulations and Digital Twins for Off-Highway Machinery, including hydraulics, drivelines, electric, hybrid, and fuel cells powertrains. In this episode, Dariusz talks about fuel cells, the development of hydrogen-powered heavy equipment, and how implementing Digital Twin technology will help companies overcome a myriad of challenges in product development. For more information, visit his website.

After this episode of Mevea Tech Talk, you will:

  • Gain insight into the Fuel Cell Technology and its development challenges in Off-Highway Machinery;
  • Discover values added by the Mevea’s physics-based Digital Twin in the New Product Development Process;
  • Learn how to decrease development lead time and physical prototyping cost of hydrogen-powered heavy machinery.