Challenges in implementing Digital Twin capabilities and methodologies

Guest speaker – Frank Popielas, CIMdata

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How to manage the leap in technology, complexity, and connectivity with the help of Digital Twins?

We’re on the verge of one of the biggest technological changes we’ve ever witnessed. Embracing the Industry 4.0 is not only advised, but it is a necessity if you still want your business and products to be valid in 5 years from now. To keep up with the development, your next generation of products already need to answer the evolving demands in technology.

With increased machine intelligence, product development is also getting more complex with a larger share of lead times spent on software development and implementation. At the same time, increased global competition and a demand for higher productivity mean that developing the next generation of smart, connected machines has to be done faster and with fewer resources.

Watch this free webinar to gain a further understanding of how to introduce the Digital Twin concept to your product development processes while avoiding the obstacles along the way.

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Why should you attend?

In this one-hour webinar, we’ll be joined by Frank Popielas, Executive Consultant for CIMdata. With his over 20 years of global experience in product engineering, R&D, and IP management, Frank will guide us through the common challenges companies are facing while implementing Digital Twin capabilities and methodologies in their organizations.

After the webinar, you’ll have answers to the following questions:

  • What is the role of Digital Twin in the engineering landscape?
  • How can Digital Twins be utilized in developing the next generation of intelligent machines?
  • What are the common pitfalls in the implementation of Digital Twin capabilities and how to avoid them?