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Training and Consulting

We offer simulation services in order to help our customers leverage simulation on a broader scale.

Our services include:
1) Mevea’s software user training and
2) Real-time simulation services and consulting.

All services can be based on your specific needs and goals; please contact us at to learn more.

Simulator use for operator training
Simulator use for operator training

Mevea’s software user training

We offer training courses to help our customers towards a more efficient use of simulation with Mevea’s software. The courses are held for up to 8 persons at a time and include laptops and software licenses to be used during the training.

  • Software Basics (2 days) provides the skills to use Mevea’s software: Modeller, Solver and I/O Toolbox. It also covers the basics of Multibody Simulation (MBS).
  • Hydraulics Modelling (1 day) teaches the basics of hydraulics and hydraulic component modelling using the Mevea software.
  • Advanced Modelling (1 day) digs deeper into details, covering the modelling of flexible components and rope systems.
  • Advanced I/O (1 day) gives the knowledge to connect machine control or automation systems to the simulation in order to provide an advanced testing environment. Both synchronous and asynchronous interface are covered during the course.

Besides customer-specific courses we also offer general courses for smaller groups and individuals; please contact us at to get the schedule of the next available courses.

We are not afraid of your challenges
We are not afraid of your challenges

Real-time simulation services and consulting

We provide customer-specific simulation services and consulting for both virtual prototyping and training simulator projects. Leveraging our deep simulation knowledge and experience, we will specify and find the best solutions for your needs and help you achieve your goals.

Your real-time simulation and consulting topics could be:

  • Virtual prototyping
  • Virtual validation and testing
  • Machine control software testing
  • Training simulator content definition and project management
  • Something else? Please let us know.
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