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Enhance sales, marketing and training with simulators

The simulators can be used in many situations to support and augment the real product. Mevea’s Customer-Specific Simulators are typically used for sales/marketing and training purposes. They include the customer-specific machine models, environments, training scenarios and simulator hardware integrated with the original machine controls and control system hardware and software.

See customer references for examples.

Simulator use for sales and marketing at exhibition
Simulator use for sales and marketing at exhibition

Sales and marketing

Customer-Specific Simulator in sales/marketing can be used to:

  • Show the value and experience of the product to end customers
  • Show “the full product range” with different options
  • Create competitive differentiation, e.g. behaviour with or without a specific product feature
  • Increase sales and the size of the deal
  • Sell services and product trainings
  • Build image and attraction in exhibitions
Simulator use for operator training
Simulator use for operator training

Training and Support

Customer-Specific Simulator in training and support can be used to:

  • Increase product understanding on all levels – everyone can test and experience
  • Provide efficient training to the company’s own personnel, customers and partners
  • Provide better customer support and documentation
  • Creation and testing of user documentation
  • Testing and replay of the customer use scenario
  • Testing and replay of machine setup

Mevea Forestry Simulator

Examples of Training Simulators

  • Mevea Kesla-Prosilva Forestry Simulator
  • Mevea Logset Forestry Simulator
  • Mevea Normet Concrete Spraying Simulator
  • Mevea Loader Crane Simulator
  • Mevea Excavator Simulator
  • Mevea Wheel Loader Simulator
  • Mevea Tower Crane Simulator
  • Mevea Mobile Crane Simulator
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