Load Haul Dump Loader

Empower your operators to learn the operation of a load haul dump loader safely and efficiently with the Mevea Load Haul Dump Loader Training Simulator

Load Haul Dump Loader Training Packages

Mevea Load Haul Dump (LHD) Loader with gross power 300+ HP is designed to operate in the mine environment.

This articulated 35-ton machine with a nominal payload capacity of more than 12 tons is equipped with a 5-cubic meter bucket. Simulated training keeps both trainer and trainee safe and allows risk-free skill development at a reduced cost.



Thoroughly computed hydraulic circuit, with operational hydraulic components

Interactive mine environment

Customized boulder sizes and shapes

Accurate powertrain and tyre model

Supported Mevea Simulator Platforms

Mevea Training Packages can be installed on the following Mevea Simulator platforms.
All Simulator Platforms include the Mevea Instructor Station.

Cabin Operated Equipment

Mevea Desktop

Mevea Pro

Mevea Master King