Mobile Harbour Crane


Mobile Harbour Cranes are used within wide range of applications, from conventional bulk material handling to special cargos. Mevea MHC is a thorough port simulation solution along with Mevea STS and RTG crane simulators.

Mevea MHC has a maximum capacity of 75 tonnes and a lifting height of more than 30 meter. Equipped with a 45 cubic meter nominal capacity scoop bucket, skill development is possible for port operations larger than 1000 t/hour. Through joysticks and multipurpose touchscreen input, user is able to get a realistic crane operation experience.

Combined with the RTG and STS, the setup becomes a complete solution for the port operations training.


  • Crane training solution for bulk, C-hook, spreader beam, and container handling operations
  • Selection of pre-loaded scenarios for quick training deployment
  • Customizable training scenarios and weather condition selection
  • Productivity, operation accuracy and collision monitoring
  • Scenarios for handling material between quay, ship, barge and hopper
  • Comprehensive database for exercise results, reporting operator performance, incidents and possible errors
  • Realistic deformable bulk pile for bucket interaction
  • Generic control system

Mevea MHC is available as:

  • A full-size simulator with motion platform and five TV screens;
  • A portable setup with two 21’’ screens that fit in two suitcases.


Mevea MHC includes:

Controls: Two generic crane joysticks.

Panels: Two generic touchscreen-based side panels.

Displays: Two screens for portable setup, five screens for full setup.

Seat: Not included in portable setup; light 2DOF seat or motion platform with full setup.