Heavy Equipment Training Simulators

Assess, train and certify new operators with Mevea’s highly advanced training simulators.

The Training Simulators Your Business Demands

Mevea Training Simulators provide extremely realistic and wide-ranging training scenarios for new and experienced heavy equipment operators alike. Improve your training efficiency with purpose-built training tasks that can be repeated as necessary together with the instructor or independently.

Train your operators in a safe virtual environment and multiply the number of training hours at a fraction of the cost.

Benefits of Mevea Simulator Training

Train Your Operators Faster

  • New operators can start training immediately and continue for as long as they need


  • 25% improvement in operator efficiency


  • Realistic scenarios provide excellent training transfer

Prepare for Every Situation

  • Precise physical replication of the machine behaviour


  • Advanced exercise scenarios to train exactly what is needed – including disaster scenarios


  • Achieve real machine feel with the simulator motion platform

Minimize Risks & Costs

  • No risk of physical harm to people or property
  • Scalable classroom approach to operator training
  • No additional costs from the machine wear or fuel expenses  

Industry-Specific Mevea Training Simulators

Together with our customers and partners we have created industry-specific training simulators for ports as well as construction and mining businesses. These training simulators are easy to purchase and will help you enhance your training programs quickly.





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Mevea Simulator Platforms

To support our advanced simulations, we offer simulator hardware for more realistic virtual machine experience. The hardware options range from desktop solutions to Cabin simulators and beyond.​

When A MiLLIsecond Makes All The Difference In The World

What You'll Get With The Most Advanced Physics Engine On the Market

1. Extremely realistic equipment behaviour based accurate physics simulation enables the best training simulator solution in the marketplace. 

No costly surprises when moving from simulator to real equipment.

2. Crane specific controls and characteristics with accurate physics simulation and best-in-class training capabilities enable high skills transfer in simulator. 

Faster productivity ramp-up in real equipment.

3. We aim for long term partnerships with our customers.  We want to understand your specific requirements, and provide the solutions that you truly need.

Commitment to support customer’s long term business objectives. 

Mevea Software

The core of the Mevea Simulation Software is Mevea’s own physics engine, which accurately simulates the mechanics, hydraulics, power transmission and the operating environment of the machine.