Mevea Tech Talk

Digital Twins in Electrical Driveline Conceptual Design

Speaker – Dr. Jarkko Nokka, Mevea

February 2, 12:00 EET

Digital Twins to support your whole product lifecycle

Digital twins and real-time simulations created with Mevea software can provide significant business benefits from the perspective of both equipment manufacturer and end-user. We are committed to providing those benefits to our customers by offering the digital twin solutions best suited to your needs.

Product Development

Combine your product data to a single virtual model to clearly visualize the process and improve collaboration

Save time and money through faster product development by employing virtual prototyping

Easily communicate with all stakeholders already from the beginning

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Sales & Marketing

Showcase your entire product range virtually with the digital twin

Involve the customer early in the process and offer tailored customer service

Start selling your product already before production

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Train new operators faster in the virtual environment

Offer the feel and behaviour of the real machine – anywhere

Decrease the risk and cost involved

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Provide exceptional support to your customers

Close the loop by utilizing the data collected from the field

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Accelerating intelligent machine development in the construction machinery industry



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When our customers succeed, we succeed

The Mevea simulation toolkit is one of the main assets for us in developing our worldwide maritime training standard. It has always been a pleasure to work with Mevea, knowing that Liebherr is quite a demanding customer.

Christian Schneider

Product Manager for Digital Solutions and Consulting

Liebherr-Werk Nenzing

Christian Schneider
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We could get feedback on the new user interface one year before the physical prototype was created and we could start software development 6 months before.

Mikko Rintoo

Simulator Project Manager


Mikko Rintoo
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