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Mevea Digital Twin

With Mevea real-time simulation software, you can utilize the existing product design and manufacturing knowledge within your company on a completely new level. Improve your whole product lifecycle by enabling digital twins.

Digital Twin and AI: Roadmap to Autonomous Machines

Autonomous machine operations supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI) are rapidly gaining traction and thousands of companies are starting AI projects to accelerate product development and increase operational efficiencies. The rise of AI is an opportunity for all industries – even more so when combined with Digital Twin technology, for example, to generate or augment training data.

Where is your company at when it comes to AI?

Attend this free webinar to gain a further understanding of Artificial Intelligence, its possibilities and limitations, and how Digital Twins are enabling its development in the manufacturing industry.

Digital Twins to support your whole product lifecycle

Digital twins and real-time simulations created with Mevea software can provide significant business benefits from the perspective of both equipment manufacturer and end-user. We are committed to providing those benefits to our customers by offering the digital twin solutions best suited to your needs.

Product Development

Combine your product data to a single virtual model to clearly visualize the process and improve collaboration

Save time and money through faster product development by employing virtual prototyping

Easily communicate with all stakeholders already from the beginning

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Sales & Marketing

Showcase your entire product range virtually with the digital twin

Involve the customer early in the process and offer tailored customer service

Start selling your product already before production

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Train new operators faster in the virtual environment

Offer the feel and behaviour of the real machine – anywhere

Decrease the risk and cost involved

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Provide exceptional support to your customers

Close the loop by utilizing the data collected from the field

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When our customers succeed, we succeed

With the simulator we are able to serve our customers better, whether the question is faster development of customized solutions or operator & service personnel training.

Mia Mantsinen

Vice President

Mantsinen Group Ltd.

Mia Mantsinen

Latest news

Two new Mevea offices in Finland

Two new Mevea offices in Finland

Due to the recent growth of our operations, and to be able to better serve our customers and attract future employees, we have opened two new offices in Finland: in Vantaa and in Tampere.

The 5th annual Mevea Seminar – Summary

The 5th annual Mevea Seminar – Summary

Over 200 people attended Mevea Seminar 2018 to see, hear and experience how Digital Twin technology can provide unique value in business and innovation. The focus of this year’s seminar was on the combined potential of Digital Twin and Artificial Intelligence (AI).  In several great talks, a range of interesting viewpoints on AI was presented - from a conceptual level to hands-on approaches - highlighting both the opportunities and the practicalities of this technology.

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