Software and services to build your own Digital Twins

Digital Twins to support your whole product lifecycle

Digital twins and real-time simulations created with Mevea software can provide significant business benefits from the perspective of both equipment manufacturer and end-user. We are committed to providing those benefits to our customers by offering the digital twin solutions best suited to your needs.

Product Development

Combine your product data to a single virtual model to clearly visualize the process and improve collaboration

Save time and money through faster product development by employing virtual prototyping

Easily communicate with all stakeholders already from the beginning

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Sales & Marketing

Showcase your entire product range virtually with the digital twin

Involve the customer early in the process and offer tailored customer service

Start selling your product already before production

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Train new operators faster in the virtual environment

Offer the feel and behaviour of the real machine – anywhere

Decrease the risk and cost involved

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Provide exceptional support to your customers

Close the loop by utilizing the data collected from the field

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The Digital Twin at the center of R&D

Accelerating intelligent machine development in the construction machinery industry

In this ebook we will explain the workings of a physics-based Digital Twin and how it enables

  • early customer involvement,
  • life-like virtual prototyping, and
  • interdisciplinary product development.

Download this ebook to learn how to shorten development lead-times and accelerate intelligent machine development, electrification and IIoT with the help of Digital Twins.

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When our customers succeed, we succeed

With the simulator we are able to serve our customers better, whether the question is faster development of customized solutions or operator & service personnel training.

Mia Mantsinen

Vice President

Mantsinen Group Ltd.

Mia Mantsinen

Latest news

The Digital Twin Journey: A Smooth Pathway to Digital Innovation

The Digital Twin Journey: A Smooth Pathway to Digital Innovation

How do you go about achieving the promise of Digital Twins while at the same time safeguarding the substantial investments made in people, technology and processes? The journey to implementing a Digital Twin is an evolution from your current systems and processes, and organizations get to benefit every step of the way.

Experience Mevea Digital Twins in action at Bauma 2019

Experience Mevea Digital Twins in action at Bauma 2019

Bauma is right around the corner and Mevea will be there to present practical applications of digital technologies in the construction machinery industry. At our booth, we will show you real-life examples of how our Digital Twin methodology can be used to accelerate the design of electric drivetrains and autonomously operating machines.

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