Training Simulators for Construction Equipment

Train your operators effectively, accurately and safely in modern construction equipment with Mevea Training Simulators.

Build Up Your Business with Mevea Training Simulators​

  • Provide faster and highly effective training for your port equipment operators, regardless of your location
  • Train real-life scenarios safely and accurately – including equipment malfunctions and other exceptional situations.
  • Increase your profits with cost-efficient training and savings in energy usage.

Mevea Construction Equipment Training Packages

Mevea’s Training Packages are the most versatile and effective simulation-based construction  training solutions available in the market today. They have been developed together with leading equipment manufacturers and training institutions. Mevea Training Packages are designed for training of both new and experienced operators by providing real-life scenarios and metrics for the training and assessment. 

Construction Equipment

Mevea provides simulation solutions for excavators and wheel loaders.

Supported Mevea Simulator Platforms

Mevea Training Packages can be installed on the following Mevea Simulator platforms.

Cabin Operated Equipment

Mevea Desktop

Mevea Pro

Mevea Master King

When A MiLLIsecond Makes All The Difference In The World

The Most Advanced Physics Engine On the Market

1. Extremely realistic equipment behaviour based accurate physics simulation enables the best training simulator solution in the marketplace. 

No costly surprises when moving from simulator to real equipment.

2. Crane specific controls and characteristics with accurate physics simulation and best-in-class training capabilities enable high skills transfer in simulator. 

Faster productivity ramp-up in real equipment.

3. We aim for long term partnerships with our customers.  We want to understand your specific requirements, and provide the solutions that you truly need.

Commitment to support customer’s long term business objectives. 

Mevea Software

The core of the Mevea Simulation Software is Mevea’s own physics engine, which accurately simulates the mechanics, hydraulics, power transmission and the operating environment of the machine. 

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TOC Europe 2022 was a great success for Mevea

TOC Europe 2022 in Rotterdam is successfully behind now! There were three exciting days full of new acquaintances, insights, and a surge of new breakthroughs at port and cargo supply chain technologies. It was a great pleasure for the Mevea team to meet with many of you in person again after so many years. Read more…

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Success Story: Ekami

Ekami uses Mevea’s training simulators to train future port crane specialists in Finland and abroad.

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