Wheel Loader

Empower your operators with skills needed to operate a wheel loader safely and efficiently with the Mevea Wheel Loader Training Simulator

Wheel Loader Training Packages

Wheel loaders are among the most versatile machines for construction and mining applications.

Mevea Wheel Loader model has specifications of a 15-ton class machine and has a 2-cubic meters bucket by default.



Thoroughly computed hydraulic circuit, with operational hydraulic components

Customized boulder sizes and shapes

Possibility to conduct joint training with a dump truck operator

Accurate powertrain and tyre model

Interactive mine environment, operating with fine grain materials like sand or boulders

Risk-free testing and training with new control systems or automated processes with a wide range of interfaces

Variety of available simulation hardware, compatible with portable or motion platform solutions

  • Total weight 15 tonne
  • Engine power 135 kW
  • Torque converter and 4+4 automatic gearbox
  • Two variable displacement hydraulic pumps
  • Bucket has standard lift and tilt motions
  • Middle joint-articulated steering
  • Bulk material handling like truck loading
  • Wheel loader specific area in Mevea port
  • Mevea wheel loader control interface with steering wheel, reverser, two pedals and two joysticks

Supported Mevea Simulator Platforms

Mevea Training Packages can be installed on the following Mevea Simulator platforms. 
All Simulator Platforms include the Mevea Instructor Station.

Cabin Operated Equipment

Mevea Desktop Mobile

Mevea Pro Mobile

Mevea Master King