Empty Container Handler

Train your operators to master the Empty Container Handler safely and efficiently with the Mevea ECH Training Simulator

Empty Container Handler​ Training Packages

Mevea ECH is a training solution for container operations with unloaded containers. It has been designed for training of both new and already experienced operators by providing real-life scenarios and metrics for the training and assessment.

Mevea ECH is modelled with physics-based methods, thus ensuring realistic machine behaviour in training.

Key Benefits

  • Enable transfer of training from simulation to real-world tasks at better rate than any other training simulator currently available in the market.
  • Highly customizable training solutions that are based on the most advanced physics simulation in the market.
  • High transfer of training means better productivity and safety from day one when operating the real equipment.
  • Increased revenue and profit for the port operator due to higher transfer of training.
  • Savings in energy usage.
  • Higher terminal revenue and profit for the operator when the real equipment is not occupied for training.


Simulation Details

Lifting capacity 45 000 kg.

Stacking height 7/6.

Torque converter and 4+4 automatic gearbox.

Rear-wheel steering.

Mast lift, mast tilt.

Attachment extension, attachment sideshift.

  • Lifting capacity 45 000 kg, single stacker
  • Stacking height 7 (standard) / 6 (high cube)
  • Torque converter and 4+4 automatic gearbox
  • Rear-wheel steering
  • Mast lift, mast tilt, attachment extension and attachment side shift
  • Generic empty container handler which can operate 20’ and 40’ containers using a single lift attachment
  • ECH specific area in Mevea port/terminal
  • Mevea empty container handler user interface with steering wheel, reverser (F-N-R), two pedals, joystick and HMI showing important machine information

Supported Mevea Simulator Platforms

Mevea Training Packages can be installed on the following Mevea Simulator platforms.
All Simulator Platforms include the Mevea Instructor Station.

Cabin Operated Equipment

Mevea Desktop Mobile

Mevea Pro Mobile

Mevea Master King