Product Development

Why use Digital Twins in product development?


  1. Break down silos: maximise productivity and enable transparent communication between teams through collaborative real-time models.

  2. Virtual prototyping: conduct cross-disciplinary testing of your subsystems, cut software lead time by up to six monthsand reduce costs by using your Digital Twin as a virtual prototype before building your final physical prototype.

  3. Communicate with all stakeholders: conduct early validation of your concept before starting the design and manufacturing phase, and identify downstream issues earlier to avoid late and costly design changes.

How can Digital Twins be utilised in product development? Learn more in our ebook.

Break down silos

Everyone is working on the same model in real time, allowing better cooperation.

Product information flows through the digital thread across departments.

The right information in the right place at the right time.

Cross-functional teams can help your company develop.

Virtual prototyping

No need for numerous physical prototypes; iterate virtually until ready for production.

Achieve significantly shorter lead times and decrease the cost of prototyping.

The real-time multibody simulation includes the machine, environment, work process as well as control systems.

Test the individual components of the product and how it all works together in the environment and the task it was designed to operate on.

Communicate with all stakeholders

Recognise downstream issues earlier and avoid late, and costly, design changes.

Involve the customer more closely in the development process, and receive happier end-users in return.

Visual demonstration of the product under development increases transparency among the stakeholders.