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Mevea Research Pack for academic institutions is a solution, which gives students and teachers the possibility to use real-time simulation as a vital part of their machine design and related software development studies.

With the Research Pack it is possible to learn the fundamentals of both machine design and control system development in an efficient and easy way, giving students the tools to design the smart connected products of the future.

System testing using simulator

Mevea Research Pack includes:

  • 2DOF simulator platform with working machine joysticks, pedals, and button panel
  • Excavator model and tutorials for a quick start
  • Generic machine control system with tools for editing the system
  • Mevea Simulation Software to run and create new machine models
  • 2-day Mevea Software Basics training course for teachers
  • 15 classroom licenses for Mevea Simulation Software

Mevea virtual prototyping platform

Real-time simulation software including Mevea Modeller, Solver, and I/O Toolbox

Example models: machine, work process, and environment

Machine control system

Embedded controller with multi-information display

Example control system software

Software tools for control system development

Simulator with motion platform

2DOF motion platform with a screen

Professional operator seat and controls

Saimaa University of Applied Sciences

Simulator aided engineering education.

The simulator has increased the students mechatronic system understanding and interdisciplinary skills.

Simo Sinkko

Senior Lecturer, M.Sc.(Eng.)

Saimaa University of Applied Sciences

Simo Sinkko
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