Academic Solutions

Enable the R&D of autonomous operations, electric vehicles, and IIoT enhanced machines with Digital Twins.

Have access to the most advanced realtime physics-engine and simulator hardware in one cost-efficient platform.

Get ideas and support from your peers. Mevea is firmly rooted in academia and understands your R&D goals and challenges.

Autonomous machinesvehicle electrification and industrial internet of things are strategic technology trends that have the potential to transform the heavy equipment and manufacturing industries. Understanding these technologies and their impact on product design, operation and human-machine interaction is key to drive innovation.

So how can academic and research institutions get access to the latest digital technology that enables the analysis and prediction of machine behavior and a simultaneous, inter-disciplinary research approach?

This is where the Mevea Research Pack comes in. Mevea is a leading provider of software and expertise that enables the creation of physics-based Digital Twins. Mevea Research Pack offers a complete innovation platform that combines software, services and simulator hardware in one cost-efficient package.

Top 5 Reasons Why Academic and Research Institutes Have Chosen the Mevea Academic Solutions:

1. Increase students understanding of machines and associated processes significantly.

2. Answer the industry requirements for more “Industry 4.0” skilled engineers.

3. Attract the top talent and increase student motivation.

4. Increase industry co-operation & research project scope.

5. University image-building and visualization of research projects.

Research pack simulation software

Mevea Simulation Software And Machine Digital Twin

The Mevea Research pack includes the Digital Twin of a generic excavator set in a responsive and realistic environment. Various excavator parameters (e.g. hydraulics or mechanics) can be modified and the impact on machine behavior can be both analyzed in real time using the Mevea Solver and experienced by using the excavator on the Simulator Platform.

Research pack simulator platform

Simulator Platform & Siemens Control System

The standard Mevea Simulator Platform offers an immersive and realistic simulation experience and includes a 2DOF motion platform, operator seat, joysticks and pedals. The Digital Twin is connected to the real-life Siemens SIMATIC S7-1200 control system with display. The Simulator Platform specifications can also be tailored to your institution’s specific needs.

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