Virtual Seminar 2023: How the World-Class Companies Stay Competitive in Autonomous & Assistive System Development?

Event type: Free Live Webinar.

Date: October 17th, 2023.

Time: 11:00 am, EEST (10:00 Berlin, 13:30 Delhi, 17:00 Tokyo).

Duration: 2 hours.

Today’s heavy machinery includes ever increasing amount of operator assistance systems, work cycle automation and software. This in turn increases the product complexity and thus product development is facing challenges, such as:

  • Development takes more time than expected
  • Software and automation testing becomes more challenging and time consuming
  • Cost of physical prototypes, their testing and zero series are rising
  • Risk that final testing with the physical product is moving to customer site
  • Poor customer experience in case of product/software quality/warranty issues

In This Virtual Seminar You Will Learn

how Ammann (Switzerland), Prinoth (Italy) and Raute (Finland) – all world-class companies in their industry segments – are addressing the challenges related to assistive and autonomous system development.

This is the 10th annual Mevea seminar and as an anniversary bonus, you will also hear the secrets of how to stay competitive in the world’s fastest business from our very special guest speaker Ossi Oikarinen. Mr. Oikarinen is a motorsport professional who has worked in many F1-Teams including Toyota-F1, BMW-Sauber and Ferrari F1. He has experience on Data-Analysis, Race Engineer and Chief test engineer positions. (This presentation will be for the live attendees only.)

Speakers and the Agenda

Daniel Nellen, Head of Machine Software Development at Ammann.

Mr. Nellen has an MSc in Electrical Engineering with focus on Automation & Controls and he has been working at Ammann for 7 years. In his role he is responsible for the software development on various machine types by maintaining and developing a global and unified software platform. Besides machine controls and connectivity solutions, more and more effort are put into the development of driver assistance systems towards machine autonomy.

Mr. Nellen shows in his presentation how Ammann uses simulation environments in the machine development lifecycle and the challenges and benefits it can bring when it comes to operator assistance and semi-autonomous systems development.

Tapani Tilus, CTO, Raute

Raute is the global leader providing production technology and services for veneer, plywood and LVL manufacturers around the world. Tapani Tilus is newly appointed CTO coordinating R&D activities to further develop its leading products. Having background in developing digital products at Raute as CDO and earlier in his career Tapani has always been capturing opportunities to apply digital technologies and use data in products and processes.

Mr. Tilus’s presentation will focus on using simulation in developing, testing and supplying production line technology in global operation.

Francesco Salis, Software Development Coordinator, Prinoth

Mr. Salis coordinates the Prinoth Snow Groomers Software Development Group.
He joined Prinoth in 2016 as R&D Engineer, as part of the Software Development Group, focusing on Control, Simulation, and Telematics topics. Since 2019 he has also been collaborating with the MCI Digital Twin Lab. He has a MSc degree in Automation and Control Engineering at Politecnico di Milano.

Mr. Salis will present about the Integration between Mevea and Matlab-Simulink to simulate the Snow Groomer operation. This is an enabler to experiment different strategies to solve complex control problems and evaluate a variety of powertrain layouts.

Ossi Oikarinen, Motorsport professional

With 25 years’ experience in the motorsport industry, Mr. Oikarinen has worked in many F1 Teams including Toyota F1, BMW-Sauber and Ferrari F1. He has experience on Data Analysis, Race Engineer and Chief Test Engineer positions.

Mr. Oikarinen´s topic will be the product development in ultra competitive business: How do the motorsport industry develop and test products in environment where success and failure is visible to millions of TV viewers every two weeks.