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Virtual prototyping, product development and training simulators

Simulator and real time simulation solutions for the whole product life cycle

Virtual Prototyping and simulators can provide significant Business Benefits, and Mevea has developed methods and tools to help its customers assess potential business benefits.

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Virtual Prototyping and product development simulators:

  • concept development and validation
  • control system development and testing with a virtual machine
  • integration testing

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Customer-specific simulators for training, sales/marketing and support:

  • sales and marketing presentations
  • training of all stakeholders from field support personnel to operators
  • development of big data applications with a virtual machine
  • on-board simulator – “Digital Twin”

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Virtual Prototyping: A methodology that supports product development activities by providing computer-based interactive models, including important aspects of the product behaviour.

Mevea solutions cover the whole product life cycle
Mevea solutions cover the whole product life cycle
Material handler simulator
Material handler simulator
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