Privacy Policy

Our company stores and processes personal data in compliance with the practices set by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The contents of this privacy policy can be changed by publishing an updated version online. That is why we recommend you check our privacy policy regularly.

Data Controller:

Mevea Ltd.
Laserkatu 6, FI-53850, Lappeenranta, Finland

Contact for privacy issues:

Name of the registry:

Registry for maintaining the company’s customer relationships.

The premise for maintaining the registry

The retention of the information in this registry is based on either a contractual agreement with our company, a consent received from an individual, or our company’s legitimate interest.

We collect and store data of potential new customer based on customer relationships or in relation to business activities. The collection of data from potential new customers is based on business activities and we collect the information ourselves.

Reasons for processing personal data

We process personal data to maintain customer or other relevant relationships, for analysis, and for marketing.

Our activities are based on legal business; therefore, we are also compliant with EU legislation about personal data storage:

  • The personal information we store is lawful, reasonable, and transparent in terms of processing. This means, that you have a right review your personal data any time.
  • The information is purposeful – for example, the personal data we collect is tied to only a specific purpose. We do not entrust 3rd parties with your data without a justified reasoning.
  • We minimize the data we store – we only store what is necessary
  • We aim to keep our information up to date
  • We limit the storing of data – the data has a defined use time after which it is either automatically or regularly erased unless there is a legal reason for the data storage.
  • We store complete and reliable data secured with e.g. back-ups

Contents of the registry

  • First and last name
  • Professional title
  • Contact information
  • Other text-based information related to the customer relationship
  • Consent for marketing
  • Information collected through the use of cookies
  • Information collected from social media

We only store the minimum information related to the customer relationship, which typically includes the individual’s name, organization, and contact information such as email address and phone number.

Data sources

The data is collected directly from the person themselves in the start of a customer relationship; directly from the person themselves through contact forms in the Mevea website; or from our partners.

Additionally, we may use e.g. names collected from media based on business activities, and we may contact them in relation to business activities.

Transfer of data

Based on the consideration of the Data Controller, our partners can be authorized to process the data within the limits of applicable legislation unless explicitly forbidden by the person in question. The authorization may be granted only for purposes supporting the objectives of the registry.

Occasionally, we may entrust 3rd parties with the personal data. In practice, this means that:

  • We use an email marketing tool. The information stored within these tools only include the name, organization, and email address of the individual. More information about the privacy policy of the service provider can be found here:
  • We use CRM tools to maintain customer relationships. The information stored within the tool in minimized fashion may include e.g.: the name of the individual, contact information, and activities and notes related to maintaining the customer relationship. More information about the privacy policy of the service providers can be found here: and

Transferring data outside EU or EEA

Data is not transferred to parties outside European Union (EU) member states or European Economic Area (EEA).

Data may be transferred to services which operate outside EU member states or outside EEA. Data is transferred in accordance with the GDPR and we only transfer data with minimum amount and risk. We only use services of companies compliant with the Privacy Shield framework.

Data protection

Only designated employees of the Data Controller and its subcontractors have access to the information in the registry.

The right of review

Individuals can access, rectify, erase, transfer, object and restrict the processing of all personal data collected from them. These actions can be taken by contacting the designated person mentioned at the beginning of this policy.


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