Mevea STS is a versatile training solution for ship-to-shore operations. The standard training simulator package includes pre-loaded scenarios for loading and unloading from the ship in different spots of generic Post-Panamax container ship: on the deck, cargo hold and stern deck. It supports various standard container types.

Mevea STS’s Scenario Editor addon allows creation of custom scenarios. Accurate rope modelling and kinematics provide perfect training platform with various hardware solutions.

Combined with the RTG and MHC, the setup becomes a complete solution for the port operations training.


  • Selection of pre-loaded scenarios for quick training deployment
  • Customisable training scenarios, including stack, lifts and weather selection
  • Productivity, operation accuracy and collision measurements
  • Detailed report on the timing of the lift cycle
  • Realistic placement of the ITV under the crane according to the commands from the cabin
  • Lifts location in row-bay-tier coordinates
  • Realistic port lane markings, ship markings, limit switches and slowdowns

Mevea STS is available as:

  • A full-size simulator with motion platform and five TV screens;
  • A portable setup with two 21’’ screens that fit in two suitcases.


Mevea STS includes:

Controls: Two generic crane joysticks.

Panels: Two generic touchscreen-based side panels.

Displays: Two screens for portable setup, five screens for full setup.

Seat: Not included in portable setup; light 2DOF seat or motion platform with full setup.