Rail Mounted Gantry

Train your operators to master the Rail Mounted Gantry safely and efficiently with the Mevea RMG Training Simulator

Rail Mounted Gantry Training Package

Mevea Rail Mounted Gantry is a training solution for stack operations and supports various standard container types. Standard training simulator package includes pre-loaded scenarios for loading and unloading within the stacking yards of a container terminal as well as lifts inside the stack.

Mevea RMG’s Scenario Editor addon allows you to create custom scenarios. The port layout and scenery can be customized according to the client´s actual port.

Mevea’s state-of-the-art physics simulation including ropes, collisions and actuators like drives ensures realistic behaviour and operator feeling.

"Mevea has developed a rather exceptional end-to-end solution approach bringing the real world into the digital world"


Selection of pre-loaded scenarios for quick training deployment.

Customisable training scenarios, and weather condition selection.

Productivity, operation accuracy, and collision monitoring.

Detailed report on the timing of the lift cycle.

Realistic port lane markings, limit switches, and slowdowns. 

Generic control system based on Konecranes RMG.

Warinings and errors for collisions with objects in the port, exceeding operation area boundaries.

Selection of standard container sizes (20ft, 40ft, 45ft) and typical masses (empty, full, overweight), as well as special types (reefer, gas, hi-cube).

Possibility of trigger warnings and errors during the operation.

Quickly find the containers to be loaded and unloaded using the container overlay (can be disabled).


  • 5+1 containers high
  • Trolley maximum speed 50 m/min
  • Gantry maximum speed 120 m/min
  • Maximum hoisting speed (with load/empty) 25/50 m/min
  • Spreader: 20’ and 40’
  • Normal containers 20’ and 40’
  • Tank containers 20’ and 40’
  • 45’ containers (lifted using 40’ spreader)
  • Designated RMG stacks
  • Two joysticks
  • HMI/VMT screen
  • CCTV screen
  • Soft consoles, left and right
  • Smartbar (visual status lights)
  • Foot pedal for PMR radio
  • Foot pedal for alarm sound

Supported Mevea Simulator Platforms

Mevea Training Packages can be installed on the following Mevea Simulator platforms.
All Simulator Platforms include the Mevea Instructor Station.

Cabin Operated Equipment

Mevea Desktop Crane

Mevea Pro Crane

Mevea Master King

Operated Equipment

Mevea Remote Operation Station