Mevea ROS

Mevea Remote Operation Station (ROS)

Perfect solution for the training of the future operators. 

Mevea Remote Operation Station

Remote operation simulator system with ergonomic remote control desk and virtual IP camera system. Easy to adapt to various machine trainings.

Enjoy the comfort of electrically adjustable desk, fully configurable views of the virtual IP cameras and the realistic machine behaviour. 

Perfect solution for the training of the future operators. 



Required amount of 24” displays for visualisation

15” touch screens for Human Machine Interface (HMI)/ Vehicle Mounted Terminal (VMT)

Configurable Virtual IP camera system

Audio system and operator-instructor communication devices

High-end performance computers and graphics cards

Optional Instructor screen/station

Operator controls can be customized for each platform based on the machine models, including:

  • Real operator seat with adjustments, seat belt and rotator
  • Changeable real machine main joysticks with common control interface
  • Auxiliary joystick
  • Operator consoles in soft console touch screens
  • Operator HMI in Touch screen
  • Pedals of different kind (one way, two-way, micro switch)
  • Steering wheel
  • Direction change switch
  • Radiophone for Instructor communication
  • Emergency stop for motion platform
  • Remote operation control desk with electronic display and table height adjustment
  • Ergonomic working position
  • 1,8m x 1,5m
  • Mevea Cranes
  • Mevea Port Mobile equipment
  • Mevea Construction equipment