Digital Twins in Hydrogen-Powered Heavy Equipment Development

Are hydrogen fuel cells the next-gen solution? In this one-hour webinar, we’ll be joined by Dariusz Pioro, an independent consultant with over a decade of experience in Model Based Systems Engineering. In this episode, Dariusz talks about fuel cells, the development of hydrogen-powered heavy equipment, and how implementing Digital Twin technology will help companies overcome a myriad of challenges in product development.

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Mevea Tech Talk: Episode #1 - Fuel Cells, featuring Dariusz Pioro.

Challenges in Implementing Digital Twin Capabilities and Methodologies

How to manage the leap in technology, complexity, and connectivity with the help of Digital Twins? In this one-hour webinar, we’re joined by Frank Popielas, Executive Consultant for CIMdata. With his over 20 years of global experience in product engineering, R&D, and IP management, Frank will guide us through the common challenges companies are facing while implementing Digital Twins in their organizations.

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Digital Twin and AI: Roadmap to Autonomous Machines

Where is your company when it comes to AI? Watch this free webinar to gain a further understanding of Artificial Intelligence, its possibilities and limitations, and how Digital Twins are enabling its development in the manufacturing industry.

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Digital Twins: Changing the way we engineer, validate, market and operate our products

How to engineer increasingly complex cyber-physical products with integrated IoT, AI, and other technological solutions? How does Digital Twin fit into the picture?

These and many other issues are discussed in the Mevea-hosted Digital Twin webinar with Frank Popielas of CIMdata.

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