Mevea provides a variety of training simulators for port cranes and mobile equipment. Using simulators for training purposes allows trainees to experience a variety of critical scenarios essential for developing holistic operative capability.

Port Cranes

Port cranes serve an essential role in the cargo handling process. They enable the loading, unloading, and stowage of containers, forming the backbone of maritime logistics. The quality of the machinery is important, but the ability of the crane operators is also a critical aspect of ensuring an optimized workflow.

Mevea provides simulation solutions for STS, MHC, and RTG cranes. In unison, the setup becomes a complete solution for the port operations training. Read more…

Mobile Equipment

While port cranes are necessary for the loading, unloading, and stowage of containers, an efficient port also requires mobile equipment to perform auxiliary operations around the port, and within port storage facilities. Capable operators can help avoid bottlenecks in the cargo handling process, underlining the importance of proper training.

Mevea provides a variety of simulators for mobile equipment, including forklifts, reach stackers, empty container handlers, and internal transfer vehicles. Read more…