Mevea Pro Mobile Simulator Platform

Perfect solution for operator training when all the senses are needed.

Mevea Pro Mobile

Professional simulator system with 3 DOF motion platform and multidisplay or mixed reality solution. Easy to adapt to various machine trainings. Change the machine and controls in a minute. Feel the realistic machine motions simulated by multibody dynamics physics engine and enjoy the state-of-the-art visualisation through large displays or mixed reality headset.

Perfect solution for operator training when all the senses are needed.



Visualisation displays: 3-8 x 55-70”

15” touch screens for Human Machine Interface (HMI)/ Vehicle Mounted Terminal (VMT)

15” Virtual soft consoles

  • 24” CCTV view screen

Audio system and operator-instructor communication devices

High-end performance computers and graphics cards

Optional Mixed Reality (XR) headset

Operator Camera

Instructor station

Operator controls can be customized for each platform based on the machine models, including:

  • Real operator seat with adjustments, seat belt and rotator
  • Changeable real machine main joysticks with common control interface
  • Auxiliary joystick
  • Operator consoles in soft console touch screens
  • Operator HMI in Touch screen
  • Pedals of different kind (one way, two-way, micro switch)
  • Steering wheel
  • Direction change switch
  • Radiophone for Instructor communication
  • Emergency stop for motion platform
  • Configurable motion platform to be used with wide variety machines
  • 3DOF motion platform simulating machine movements
  • Motion data from multibody dynamics machine model
  • Motion platform generates real motion based on the motion data via electrical actuators
  • 3m x 3m


*)Final measurements are dependant on required equipment

  • Mevea Cranes
  • Mevea Port Mobile equipment
  • Mevea Construction equipment