Excavators are among the most versatile heavy equipment for transferring bulk materials, trenching, forestry, construction, and mining.

Mevea Generic 24-ton Excavator, equipped with a 0.5 cubic meter bucket can interact with a deformable environment to provide training based on different scenarios. The larger variation of the Generic Excavator has a bucket capacity of more than 15 cubic meters and an operating weight of more than 250 tons. The payload of the larger variation of Mevea Generic Excavator is within 30 tons limit and can be operated with either a front shovel or a backhoe bucket. Along with dumper trucks, an excavator can provide operators with the possibility of skill development for bulk handling process, trenching, forestry work, and other customized applications.

The simulators are not aimed only for the operators who are at the start of their tier but also for experienced operators.

Through the simulation, it is possible to monitor specific valves or measure certain forces to help eco-friendly use of the machine. Since the hydraulic components and power train are designed to be the same as in a real machine, fuel efficiency or component wear can be monitored. Therefore, operators can use the simulator to train to operate the machine efficiently, saving both cost and time.


  • A realistic physics-based deformable environment with a compactable soil model
  • Accurate power-train and hydraulic simulation enables monitoring of fuel consumption during the excavation process
  • Configurable mechanical and hydraulic components
  • Configurable backhoe and front shovel bucket
  • Assessment capability to monitor specific parts during the training