Mevea Has Delivered Heavy Equipment Training Simulator to Tegeta Academy

Mevea has delivered a heavy equipment training simulator to Tegeta Academy in Georgia. Simulator will be used as part of extensive heavy equipment operator retraining program developed by Tegeta Academy. Delivered simulator includes dedicated training modules for excavator, backhoe loader and forklift.

“Taking care of professional skills development is the main priority of Tegeta Academy. The combination of theoretical, simulator and practical training is the best way to develop skilled heavy equipment operators. The training simulator delivered by Mevea is an important part of that approach”, said Otar Sikharulidze, Director of Tegeta Academy.

Tegeta Academy selected Mevea training simulator after thorough investigation of the leading simulator vendors in the marketplace.

“The realism of the simulator, its training capabilities and long term support commitment were the key factors behind selecting Mevea”, according to Giorgi Tsinaridze, Head of Commercial Projects Unit of Tegeta Academy.

“We are very excited to work with Tegeta Academy and to provide them an advanced heavy equipment training simulator”, said Raimo Nikkilä, Mevea’s Sales and Marketing Director.

Mevea’s simulators have a unique approach in the market because of their physics-based digital twin technology. The technology provides both the accuracy and functionality necessary in assistive & autonomous system development and advanced training capabilities needed in operator training.

For more information, please contact:
Raimo Nikkilä, Mevea Ltd., Tel. + 358 400 249213,