Watch Video Recording of Mevea Online Seminar 2022

The 9th annual Mevea Seminar 2022, streamed live on October 19, was a success. The objective for this year´s seminar was to introduce what benefits and experiences have Mevea´s customers gained by using Mevea´s physics-based Digital Twin in development and testing of intelligent machines.

With their exciting presentations we were joined by four world-class experts: Dr -Ing. Manuel Bös (Head of Emerging Technologies) from Liebherr-Werk Bischofshofen, Ville Pärssinen (Dynamic Simulation Engineer) from Sandvik Mining and Construction, Petri Junttila (Senior Lecturer) from Oulu University of Applied Sciences (OAMK) and Ilse Houting (Director & Human Factors Consultant) from Ops Factor / Metagro B.V.

The seminar started with an executive greetings and opening presentation by Mevea’s Director of Sales, Marketing, and Business Development, Raimo Nikkilä, whose presentation provided an overview of the Mevea’s physics-based Digital Twins, setting the stage for the seminar speakers of 2022.

The theme for the first presentation was Validation of smart machine features through automated scenario simulation, presented by Dr. Bös from Liebherr-Werk Bischofshofen. Followed by Ville Pärssinen from Sandvik Mining and Construction, who talked about Digital Twin in welded structure fatigue life estimation.

Next, Petri Junttila, from Oulu University of Applied Sciences spoke about Virtual and physical worlds connected in full scale dynamometer testing, and last, but not least, Ilse Houting from Ops Factor / Metagro B.V. gave her presentation titled as The challenges and solutions when moving operator from cabin to remote operation. Each speaker was followed by a five-minute Q&A session with plenty of interesting questions from attendees.

Before closing, Mr. Nikkilä shared us a short Mevea company update and after that Mevea´s Senior Technical Advisor Dr. Asko Rouvinen presented Mevea’s real-time simulation software highlights.

Altogether with the speakers, Mevea Online Seminar brought together some 300+ people from 30+ countries, representing around 140+ organisations.

If you weren´t able to attend the webinar, here you can register to watch the replay by filling the form!