Virtual Seminar 2023: How the World-Class Companies Stay Competitive in Autonomous & Assistive System Development?

Event type: Free Live Webinar. Date: October 17th, 2023. Time: 11:00 am, EEST (10:00 Berlin, 13:30 Delhi, 17:00 Tokyo). Duration: 2 hours. Today’s heavy machinery …

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High Interest on Mevea Solutions for Automated & Semi-Automated Crane Development and Training

Mevea simulator’s accuracy and functionality supporting both assistive & autonomous system development and advanced operator training raised lot of interest at TOC Europe 2023, where …

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Mevea Tech Talk – Automate PLC Testing With Digital Twins and Software Test Automation Tools

On May 26, we aired the fourth episode of Mevea Tech Talk, where we discussed new ways to automate your PLC solution testing with Digital …

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