TOC Europe 2022 was a great success for Mevea

A woman testdriving the simulator

TOC Europe 2022 in Rotterdam is successfully behind now! There were three exciting days full of new acquaintances, insights, and a surge of new breakthroughs at port and cargo supply chain technologies. It was a great pleasure for the Mevea team to meet with many of you in person again after so many years.

Members of mevea team standing infront of the simulator at the exhibition stand.

Mevea Team from the left: Aleksi Sairanen (Project Engineer), Hans Slotte (Senior Sales Manager), Raimo Nikkilä (Director, Sales, Marketing & Business Development), Ismo Vaihtamo (Chairman of the Board), Anne Kulju (Sales and Marketing Manager), Vesa Ahola (Director, Customer Projects).

Set up at the exhibition

This year we exhibited together with Gessmann, who develops high-quality industrial controllers, e.g., joysticks for our simulators. Both, the advanced 5-screen and mobile simulator setups were available for the visitors to try out, and both sparked great interest among the audience. As the simulators are connected to the real control system, the operator gets the same feel as they would on operating a real crane.

We received extremely positive feedback directly from the visitors especially about the high level of realism in our port training simulators e.g. for STS, RTG, and MHC cranes. The new solutions have many unique capabilities which enable faster and better operator learning and easy replication of port operator’s equipment characteristics, operating environment, and operating processes. Due to the advanced capabilities, Mevea Training Solutions can be used for both new operator training and experienced operator skill enhancement.

Mevea has been providing port operator training solutions since 2008. In 2017 we decided to develop a new generation training solutions based on the latest technologies possible and today we truly are making the most advanced simulation solutions available.

Raimo Nikkilä, Director of Sales and Marketing at Mevea

Hoping to get more information?

In case you lost our contact at the exhibition or want to get some more info, here is an Email to contact the friendly Mevea Team. You can also fill out the contact form behind this button here and we will reach out back to you asap!

Thank you for all the great discussions and we wish you a great summer holidays!

Sunny wishes, The Mevea Team

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