Standing Out in Bauma 2022

All key players. All innovations. All target groups. All trends.

Gigantism is a word that bauma uses to describes the biggest live trade shows of the construction industry to be held in the COVID-19 era.

You already know how important the event is, but how do you stand out among the 3,700 exhibitors?

After this quick read-through, you will know how to…

  • Differentiate from your competition in Bauma
  • Engage your potential customers through a hands-on experience
  • Showcase your competitive differentiators using a Digital Twin-based simulator

Differentiate from your competition

Using simulators is a relatively simple way to stand out in trade shows for a simple reason – visitors can test out your products without risk.

While marveling at new machines has traditionally worked in starting a conversation with your sales team, it is not engaging.

How many potential customers have seen your exhibition stand and continued walking due to boredom?

When everyone brings their machines for a show, it is hard to stand out

This challenge has a solution and many companies have already begun tackling the issue of non-involvement by including simulators in their trade show arsenal.

However, it is crucial to understand that, unlike Mevea’s physics-based simulations that are accurate virtual representations of your real machines, some of the currently exhibited simulators are merely games.

Exhibiting your products with a Digital Twin and engaging your audience can make a world of difference.

Engage your potential customers through a hands-on experience

Imagine the following process…

Your sales team identifies a potential customer and proceed to start a conversation.

They explain the products’ newest features, use cases, and take the customer to the Digital Twin of your real machine for a test drive.

With the Digital Twin, the customer gets to experience your products and test their capabilities.

The situation also allows your sales team to develop a better understanding of the customer’s needs and provide information accordingly, even agree on a follow-up with the engaged customer.

Showcase your competitive differentiators using a Digital Twin-based simulator

Construction and earthmoving machinery are often sizeable and therefore difficult to properly exhibit in trade shows.

Even if your exhibition stand were to cover sufficient area to display your largest machines (which is a costly investment), there is no practical way for the visitors to test and experience them.

Mevea’s Digital Twin approach solves this challenge

By creating a Digital Twin of your largest machines, you make a logistically smart decision, avoid relying on empty space for your ROI, and provide your customers with an experience.

Furthermore, you reduce costs and increase the number of products you can effectively display while increasing the number of meaningful conversations your sales representatives can have during the event.

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