As TOC Europe 2024 concluded at the Ahoy Convention Centre in Rotterdam last week, it’s time to reflect on what was undoubtedly another successful participation for Mevea. During the event, we were excited to demonstrate our new and enhanced training solutions for both remotely and cabin operated cranes.

It was particularly gratifying to witness that our already very strong position and recognition on the international market has been strengthened even more, clearly reflecting our prior efforts and achievements. The fair provided a platform not just to showcase our latest innovations but also to observe the impact of our growing presence in industry.

The Mevea stand being busy every day.

Remote Operations in Focus

While the overarching themes of the event centered on electrification, decarbonization, and sustainability, a specific interest in remote operations was prevalent at the Mevea’s and Siemens’ side by side stands, allowing us to engage deeply with attendees on the advanced capabilities of Mevea’s simulation technology, particularly on Mevea Remote Operation Station (ROS) which had the Training Package for STS crane on display.

Mevea Remote Operation Station (ROS) with the Training Package for STS crane.

Siemens’ adjacent booth featuring the SIMOCRANE Remote Control Operations System (RCOS) for STS cranes, fully integrated with Mevea Simulation Software, fostered also rich discussions and highlighted our collaborative approach.

Great Feedback and Future Directions

The precision and realism of Mevea’s Simulators were validated through test drives conducted by experienced port operators visiting our stand. These sessions not only demonstrated the practical effectiveness of our technology but also garnered highly positive feedback regarding its accuracy. These interactions are crucial as they not only affirm the value of our technology but also guide future enhancements and innovations.

Mevea Pro Simulator Platform with Training Packages for STS, RTG, MHC, Ship Pedestal and Ship Offshore Cranes in action.

Looking ahead, the insights gained and the connections made at TOC Europe 2024 are invaluable. We are inspired to further innovate and refine our solutions to meet the evolving needs of the industry.

We thank all attendees who visited our stand and engaged with our team and eagerly anticipate continuing the conversations started in Rotterdam.

The Mevea Team at the Fair.

The Mevea Team on the image (starting from the left):

  • Jukka Hämäläinen, Senior Advisor, Mevea Simulation Solutions
  • Vesa Ahola, Director, Customer Projects, Mevea Simulation Solutions
  • Tero Koskipalo, Managing Director, Mevea Simulation Solutions
  • Raimo Nikkilä, Director, Sales, Marketing and Business Development, Mevea Simulation Solutions
  • A. V. Pandian, Director, Mevea Simulation Solutions

In case you missed it, take a look at what we had on display at TOC Europe 2024.