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Mevea Annual Seminar 2021 – Summary

The 8th annual Mevea Seminar was streamed live on October 27, following from last year’s pioneering virtual seminar. Our objective for 2021 was to further segment the seminar, focusing on OEM’s and how Digital Twins are currently being used in control system software testing and development. This year, our audience represented six out of the... Read more »

Tech Talk – Control System Integration With Physics-Based Digital Twin(s) In Product Development

On March 30, we aired the third episode of Mevea Tech Talk, a series which focuses on the applications and benefits of Digital Twins across industries. Our first and second episodes were about Digital Twins in Hydrogen-Powered Heavy Equipment Development, and Digital Twins in Electrical Driveline Conceptual Design, respectively. Developing new features into an existing... Read more »