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Virtual Mevea Seminar

Digital Twins in Assistive and Autonomous System Development

The year 2020 has been a turbulent one – the global community has experienced challenges of both expected and unprecedented nature, but fortunately, the difficulties have given rise to new opportunities. Considering the travel bans and limited global mobility, like many other companies and organizations, we have taken measures to modify our annual seminar into... Read more »

NUVE Project & Mevea

Press Release: NUVE Project

World-class NUVE Project combines physical vehicle testing and virtual test drive with help of Mevea’s real-time simulation software for research, development, and testing of autonomous heavy-duty vehicles. NUVE Project – Nordic Platform for Development of Autonomous Utility Vehicles aims to create a Nordic research platform for the development of autonomous heavy-duty vehicles. The project involves... Read more »

Mevea’s Digital Twins – has recently published an article on Digital Twins by Mr. Verdi Ogewell, the Editor-in-Chief of VerkstadsForum PLM Magazine and’s European correspondent. The article delves into various topics, including some of the differentiating factors of Mevea’s simulation solutions, the company’s collaboration with Liebherr, and the correlation of Mevea’s vision with that of Siemens’ view... Read more »

2019 Simcenter Conference – Summary

2019 Simcenter Conference: an event dedicated to simulation, testing and design in all sorts of industries from aerospace to marine and beyond. Last week, hundreds of industry experts gathered to Amsterdam Mövenpick conference hotel to explore how different simulation methods together are bringing the Digital Twin concept to life.

Mevea Seminar 2019 – Summary

How are companies implementing Digital Twins in practice? What are the business benefits of Digital Twin technology across the product lifecycle? Why is Digital Twin technology important to drive innovation? Learn the answers to these questions and get an understanding of what Mevea Seminar 2019 was all about by reading the full summary!

Mevea Seminar on October 3, 2019

This year’s Mevea Seminar is dedicated to showing concrete applications of Digital Twin Technology as many businesses and industries are already taking advantage of the technology. Companies will illustrate practical examples and benefits of using Digital Twin throughout the product lifecycle for supporting the product development, sales/marketing, training and operations optimization by combining field data with the physics of Digital Twin.