Discover Mevea’s New Training Simulators and Their Unique Benefits at TOC Europe 2023

TOC Europe 2023 will be organized 13-15 June in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Mevea will be demonstrating new training simulators for remotely and cabin operated port cranes. Mevea’s simulators have a unique approach in the market because of their physics-based Digital Twin technology. The technology provides both the accuracy and the functionality needed in assistive & autonomous system development and advanced training capabilities needed in operator training.

Welcome to discover the Mevea Training solutions at TOC Europe, stand c36:

Updated Training Packages for STS, RTG and MHC cranes:

  • Crane characteristics, port layout, processes, training exercises, and operator controls either Mevea standard or customized based on your specific requirements

New simulator platform Pro:

  • Modular design enabling crane/mobile-equipment and 2DOF/3DOF motion configurations. Mevea’s physics-based simulation of crane movements and advanced virtual sensors observing the operator motion feeling are ensuring the realistic platform motions and immersive training experience.
  • Operator consoles based on Mevea’s unique soft console technology and touch screens enable the exact replication of the actual crane consoles, thus maximizing the skills transfer. Together with changeable joysticks one simulator platform can offer unlimited number of crane types.

State-of-the-art visualisation:

  • Available on all Mevea simulators via ultra HD displays or on Varjo XR-3, the world’s most advanced mixed reality headset. It features photorealistic visual fidelity, blending real and virtual worlds together immersively.

New Remote Operation Station for remotely operated equipment:

  • STS and RTG Training Packages on professional remote operation desk made by Mevea’s Partner Ops Factor.

Instructor Station with Mevea Training Software:

  • having several unique capabilities to analyse and develop operator safety, work quality, and productivity.

Next to Mevea’s stand Siemens will be demonstrating their SIMOCRANE Remote Control Systems (RCOS) for STS crane, which is fully integrated with Mevea Simulation and Training Software.

We are happy to arrange a special demo for you during the TOC exhibition or via web – please reserve your time with the form below or with the TOC Europe 2023 App.