Virtual Mevea Seminar:
Digital Twins in Assistive and Autonomous System Development

Virtual Event | On Demand

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  • Real use cases of Digital Twins by industry leaders
  • The role of Digital Twins in functional safety of assistive and autonomous system development
  • How Digital Twins help machine learning based application development

Operator assistance systems, work cycle automation, and autonomy are rapidly increasing in various types of machinery and changing the world of machine builders and users. Repeating the old ways of working is not enough to be successful in the future, instead, bold changes and new approaches are needed. One fast-growing approach is the use of Digital Twins – i.e. physics-based virtual representations of physical products that can be used throughout the product lifecycle.

In this seminar, you will hear about the various ways in which global industry leaders leverage the potential of Digital Twins in their product development and gain significant business benefits. 

This year we have also decided to take a digital approach with our seminar and organize a virtual, global event. On October 1st, the first-ever Virtual Mevea Seminar will take off, granting you access to information that until now has been restricted to a limited audience.

With a virtual seminar, we can now accommodate a greater audience, so it’s a great opportunity for anyone interested in Digital Twins to join. As always, our presenter lineup consists of world-class companies and experts in their fields.

Join us and learn more about the practical applications of Digital Twin technology, wherever you are in the world.

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