Success Story: Junttan Oy

Mevea provided a simulator that enabled Junttan to start testing a new piling rig when it was still being developed

Junttan Oy is a Finnish company which manufactures hydraulic piling equipment. Mevea has provided Junttan with a virtual reality simulator that has been an essential tool in the development of the new control system for Junttan PMz6 piling rig.

The partnership between the companies started in the spring of 2016 and has consisted of two stages. First, Junttan needed Mevea to create a Digital Twin of their prior piling rig, which would then be connected to the machine’s control system. After it was finished, they moved on to create a Digital Twin for the new PMz6.

“Model development and model updates are critical phases for us. We selected Mevea because their simulator platform enables us to do R&D work in-house utilizing the software they have provided us along with the simulator”, says Mikko Rintoo, Simulator Project Manager for Junttan.

Cost savings and improved quality

The biggest advantage has been the fact that Junttan could start testing the software of PMz6 before it was even built. Basically, the simulator gave the company a six months’ head start.

“The Digital Twin saves money, not only for us but for our customers as well. We want to make it easier for our clients to get acquainted with the new user interface. With the help of the simulator, we can train new operators to use the new UI without an actual machine”, Rintoo reveals.

Great customer service

In addition to the functional products that have enhanced the operations of Junttan, it has been easy to work with Mevea on a personal level as well. “When we present them with a problem, we get a solution. Their people know what they are doing”, Rintoo says.

“Mevea has been a good partner for us. They have the necessary expertise to provide us with digital twin solutions”, he concludes.

We could get feedback on the new user interface one year before the physical prototype was created and we could start software development 6 months before.

Mikko Rintoo, Simulator Project Manager, Success story: Junttan Oy