Success Story: Normet

Provides advanced solutions for selected customer processes in underground mining and tunneling. With over 10,000 delivered machines, Normet is one of the market leaders in its product segments.

On average, we have been able to improve our customer’s operator efficiency by 23% by using simulator-based training.

Jaakko Ruuskanen, Training and Technical Support Director, Normet


How to train customer operators to perform their job safely and efficiently by using Normet’s solutions in the best possible way. How to train service personnel to adjust the machine behaviour to the operators’ preferences and how to understand what is happening in hydraulics and automation needed to do the job.


Normet decided to use custom-built training simulator solutions from Mevea. These solutions include a wide range of training exercises for operators and service personnel. Realistic behaviour is achieved through an accurate virtual machine, OEM designs, equipment, and work process models, including real-time hydraulics simulation and integration with real machine control hardware and software.


Thanks to the simulator, operators trained at the Normet Academy have been able to improve their efficiency by 23% and at the same time increase the quality, decrease material costs and learn safer operating procedures.