Success Story: Institute of Heavy Equipment and Technology (IHET)

IHET’s Managing Director, Mr. Adam Nsalamba on the left, the Minister of Minerals at the center, and the Chairman of the IHET Board on the right, delving into the collaboration between IHET and the government in the mining, construction, and industrial sectors.

The featured image above: IHET’s Managing Director, Mr. Adam Nsalamba on the left, the Minister of Minerals at the center, and the Chairman of the IHET Board on the right, delving into the collaboration between IHET and the government in the mining, construction, and industrial sectors.

Transforming Heavy Equipment Education in Tanzania

“If anybody is looking for the best simulation, I recommend Mevea is the way to go. Their simulators are not only cutting-edge but also backed by unparalleled support, making them the ideal choice for anyone in the heavy machinery training sector”.

Adam Nsalamba, Managing Director, IHET

Established in 2016, the Institute of Heavy Equipment and Technology (IHET) in Tanzania is a leading dynamic institution dedicated to cultivating skilled professionals for the heavy equipment sector. IHET prepares both unexperienced and experienced students for the challenges of industries like mining, construction, and infrastructure development. It provides cutting-edge education, combining theoretical knowledge with hands-on training, including the innovative use of Mevea training simulators.

With Mevea simulators IHET offers students a virtual yet extremely realistic experience in enhancing practical skills of operating heavy machinery such as port cranes, mobile cranes, excavators, dump trucks, and more in a controlled environment. With state-of-the-art facilities, global partnerships, and a commitment to innovation, IHET ensures graduates are not only proficient but also well-versed in the latest advancements, positioning them for success in the evolving field of heavy equipment.

IHET caters to a diverse clientele, primarily focusing on the mining sector, but also on the construction sector and on infrastructure developers. Clients include prominent entities such as Barrick Group, Caterpillar, Mantrac, Geita Gold Mine, and Shanta Gold along with collaborations on significant projects like the Eco Atlantic’s crude oil project from Tanga to Uganda. These companies recognize the institute as a key source for skilled professionals.

From Early Challenges to Revolutionary Changes

Early in its journey, IHET faced challenges, notably with the high costs associated with procuring and maintaining heavy machinery. Logistics further complicated matters, making training less accessible for aspiring operators. In 2017, IHET sought a solution, leading to a pivotal partnership with Mevea.

Mevea’s advanced simulators proved to be a game-changer for IHET, addressing cost challenges while revolutionizing the quality and efficiency of training. The highly advanced Mevea simulators, equipped with modules for various heavy machinery, provided students with a customized simulated environment to familiarize themselves with accurate controls and wide-ranging operations.

“The partnership with Mevea have not only transformed our training approach but have also significantly reduced costs, making higher quality education more accessible to a broader audience, thus increasing the number of students and our cash flow.”

Adam Nsalamba, Managing Director, IHET

The quality of learning witnessed a remarkable, up to 100 percent, improvement according to Managing Director at IHET, Mr. Adam Nsalamba. Students trained on Mevea simulators exhibited superior performance when transitioning to real machines. Positive feedback was not only received from students but also from clients such as the Tanzania Port Authority, commending the preparedness of IHET graduates.

An instructor presenting the importance of simulators in the training of heavy machinery.

Mr. Nsalamba, underscores the transformative impact of Mevea’s simulators on IHET’s operations. The simulators not only reduced training costs significantly but also shortened the duration of training from weeks to just a few days, enhancing the overall efficiency of the learning process, and doubling the number of students.

IHET’s partnership with Mevea has actually resulted in a substantial increase in student enrolment, which is a testament to the effectiveness of the simulation-based training approach with Mevea solutions. During the past six years in business IHET has certified almost 2400 students in total. With the help of Mevea simulators the institute is expecting to increase the number of certified operators at least by 1500 more in 2024, which would make around 275 percent growth in one year.

Graduates from IHET upon completion of various heavy machinery operation courses.

Mr. Nsalamba commends Mevea not only for its innovative solutions but also for its exceptional support and willingness to address unique challenges collaboratively.

“Mevea is the best company to work with, due to how they can listen and solve your problem. They work with you as a partner, like a relative, as the part of the company. With Mevea we can solve problems anytime, even during late hours. Some of the companies they cannot do like that, but with Mevea it’s quite different. Their simulators are the best and you’ll be getting your solution quickly and efficiently”, Mr. Nsalamba says.

The Next Steps For The Year 2024

As future looks booming, IHET has ambitious plans for expanding their business soon to two new Tanzanian regions, Mwanza and Dodoma, which are planned to have their own Mevea Excavator simulators next year. With these plans the institute aims to capitalize on the success achieved with Mevea’s simulators, further solidifying its position as a leading heavy machinery training institution in Tanzania.

An IHET student training with Mevea simulator.

In conclusion, the collaboration between IHET and Mevea exemplifies the transformative power of high technology in education. Through the best training simulator solution in the marketplace with best-in-class training capabilities, IHET has not only overcome operational challenges but has set a new standard for heavy machinery training in Tanzania and beyond. As the partnership continues to flourish, the Institute of Heavy Equipment and Technology remains dedicated to shaping skilled professionals for the evolving demands of the industry.

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