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Maximising Event ROI – Bauma 2022

Investing in a trade show often means investing in space.

Your return on investment depends on how many potential leads you generate during the event. If you do not stand out and your final lead count is below the target, your ROI plummets – and that is before even knowing if your leads are qualified.

After this quick read-through, you will know how to…

  • Support lead generation and improve event success
  • Stretch out an investment over numerous events and increase ROI
  • Build a rapid deployment training solution AND an agile demo product

How to Achieve Sustained ROI?

Using simulators is a relatively simple way to stand out in trade shows for a simple reason – visitors can test out your products without risk.

While marveling at new machines has traditionally worked in starting a conversation with your sales team, it is not engaging.

How many potential customers have seen your exhibition stand and continued walking due to boredom?

Support lead generation and improve event success

When 3,700 companies exhibit in a single event, the visitors tend to develop a tunnel vision, becoming jaded and hard to engage.

New machines look interesting and may help you start up a conversation with a potential customer, but when looking is all they can do, the novelty wears off quickly.

Build a Digital Twin and activate your audience

As a Digital Twin is an accurate, physics-based replica of your machine, you are no linger restricted by the practical limitations regarding product demonstrations. Is your product a 10-ton bulldozer? No problem, your potential customers can thoroughly test it with the Digital Twin.

Your potential customer gets to experience your product in action, see the new features, and leave with a lasting impression. Following up after the event is easier when your leads remember you.

Stretch out an investment over numerous events and increase ROI

When you decide to participate in a trade show, you essentially pay for the floor space where you display your products. If you cannot demonstrate their features nor can your potential customers test them, you are generating interest with limited tools.

While the empty floor space you have invested in may have generated leads, once the event is over, it essentially no longer generates ROI, locking it. If your sales team was unable to generate the expected number of qualified leads, your investment may have been wasted.

The Solution 

A Digital Twin will continue bringing value from one trade show to another, generating sustained ROI from the floor space you pay for. Building a simulator is not an ad hoc investment that stops yielding once its purpose is fulfilled, but a versatile asset that can be used across your entire product lifecycle.

Build a rapid deployment training solution and an agile demo product

When you close a deal, your customers may want to train their machine operators to use your machines. One option is to organise the training with a physical machine, which may come with an array of practical challenges, like cost-efficiency and safety.

Another option is to use your Digital Twin for the training. The simulator is an accurate, physics-based replica of the real machine, so using it for training the machine operators is at minimum just as effective, but more efficient.

Digital Twin is a versatile value-generating asset

If you have not closed the deal yet, because the customer wants to see more demos, the simulator approach solves that too. Traditional product demos may have several challenges, especially if the machines are big (which includes most construction and earthmoving machines).

However, your Digital Twin is able to effectively demonstrate the product features, but without the hassle.

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