Mevea seminar

Mevea Online Seminar 2022:
Learn the Concrete Benefits of Physics-Based Digital Twin in Development and Testing of Intelligent Machines

Welcome to the 9th annual Mevea Online Seminar 2022, which will be organized as a virtual event. Traditional product development and testing approaches do not ...
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Mevea Annual Seminar 2021 – Summary

The 8th annual Mevea Seminar was streamed live on October 27, following from last year’s pioneering virtual seminar. Our objective for 2021 was to further ...
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Virtual Mevea seminar on October 1, 2020

In this seminar, you will hear about the various ways in which global industry leaders leverage the potential of Digital Twins in their product development ...
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Virtual Mevea Seminar

Digital Twins in Assistive and Autonomous System Development

The year 2020 has been a turbulent one – the global community has experienced challenges of both expected and unprecedented nature, but fortunately, the difficulties ...
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Mevea Seminar 2019 – Summary

How are companies implementing Digital Twins in practice? What are the business benefits of Digital Twin technology across the product lifecycle? Why is Digital Twin ...
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The Biggest Ever Mevea Seminar

With more exhibition demos and more visitors than ever, it is safe to say that this has been the biggest Mevea Seminar we have organized ...
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+100 Mevea Digital Twins

Three lessons we learned from implementing 100+ Digital Twin projects

We have been helping innovators and industry leaders to implement over 100 Digital Twin projects in industries such as Construction Equipment, Mining, Ports & Logistics ...
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Save the date: Mevea Seminar 2019

The 6th annual Mevea Seminar will be organized at Scandic Helsinki Aviacongress on October 3, 2019. Join the event to see the Digital Twin applications ...
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The 5th annual Mevea Seminar – Summary

Over 200 people attended Mevea Seminar 2018 to see, hear and experience how Digital Twin technology can provide unique value in business and innovation. The ...
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Mevea Seminar 2018 – Digital Twin Meets Artificial Intelligence

The 5th annual Mevea Seminar will be held at Scandic Helsinki Aviacongress on October 4, 2018. We are warmly welcoming you all to see, hear and ...
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Digital Twin hands-on experience

Save the date: Mevea Seminar 2018

Mevea Seminar is due for the upcoming autumn yet again. But this time, it's going to be bigger and better than ever! We're doubling down on the ...
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Mevea Seminar Digital Twin has landed

Almost 200 people participated in the annual Mevea Seminar

Almost 200 people from 9 countries representing over 85 companies were participating the annual Mevea Seminar which was organized on October 4th at the Finnish ...
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